Georgie Star, Eclipse of Austin Guitar Lesson Studio, a top guitar teacher in Fort Worth TX 76110

Georgie Star, a top rated teacher for guitar lessons in Fort Worth TX 76110


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Would you like to learn to play The Ventures, The Stones, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and so much more, all from a master guitar player? I can teach you. If you are done with self learning on YouTube, music teachers that don't play the guitar themselves, please read further. Results are guaranteed, lead guitar and rhythm guitar included.


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"I don't know any thing about the guitar!" - $100 flat fee for a 5 week course.

"I want to learn music theory and how to read guitar music." - $25 an hour, once a week.

"I want to learn chords and progressions." - $30 an hour, once a week.

"I know all of that stuff. I want to learn all the scales, maj, min and pentatonic. I want to play lead guitar by ear. I want to learn to play the blues, classic rock and country." - $30 an hour, once a week for a long-long time.


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