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Do you need to find a guitar teacher? No need to find guitar lessons any longer because you are here! At the Guitar Lessons Studio, you too can learn to play the guitar as you take private or group guitar lessons and learn from guitar teachers at our studio. Learn to play the bass guitar, rhythm guitar or lead guitar. You can learn to play rock guitar, folk guitar, blues guitar or country guitar. We can teach you how to sing and play guitar at the same time. Each new student receives a free guitar lesson, where we evaluate your skills and set goals for you to achieve. You can learn to read guitar music, or learn to play guitar by ear. We offer one of the most affordable guitar lessons, and longer sessions than most, so you get value for your money and learn to play guitar quickly. Anyone can learn to play the guitar! My name is George and I want to be your guitar teacher. $30 for a full hour guitar class. Click on the contact link and letís set you up for your first free guitar class.

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